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What is the Best DIY Fairy Wing?


What is the Best DIY Fairy Wing?

After a quick google it will soon become apparent that there are a whole boat load of ways to make fairy wings, with a variety of resulting wing types.

Making the answer to the "best" fairy wing a bit subjective:

The answer really depends on the type of Fairy Wing you are trying to create, based on the look you want to achieve and the situation the fairy wing set will be used in.

Below I break down the "rating" of each wing type we have created, followed by the downloadable PDF's for the wing patterns I hand drew and links to the DIY process we used for each, and finally photos of the resulting wings in action

We update this Blog regularly with new Fairy wing styles and the DIY process for each wing style!

Our system rates each wing type in seven different catergories: 1) Make time 2)Price 3)Difficulty  4)Functionality 5)Longevity/Lastability 6)Lightweight 7)Rigidity with a range of 0-5, with 0 being the least desirable in each category and 5 having the greatest positive attribute value. We add to the list of wing types we create throughout the year, sign up for our email list to catch the next wing set release.


 Wing Type Make Time $-$$$$$ Difficulty Functionality Longevity Weight Rigidity
Cellophane 2-4 hours $-$$ 3 3 3 5 3
Cellophane non clear 2-4 hours $-$$ 4 4 4 4 3
Fabric: Non Sheer 2-5 hours $$-$$$ 2 4 5 3 3
Fabric: Organza 2-3 hours $-$$ 4 3 3 5


Iridescent Prism Wing Set

2-3 hours $$-$$$ 2 4 3 5






The initial steps for each wing step are generally the same:

1)Gather Materials

2)Draw or Download Wing pattern (must be to size)

3)Bend your wire 9-14 gauge aluminum or steel will work, depending on how rigid you want to make your wings and how hard your willing to work to bend the wire

4)Apply Wing type material through method chosen below:

Links below include precise materials lists, downloadable wing patterns, and detailed steps with photos and links to the sources we used to reference and create our own processes!


 Cellophane and Non clear Cellophanes Wings: (For those  flossy, glossy, clear fairy wings, a great option to complete a Tinkerbell Cosplay, and look absolutely magical in photography!)

Fabric Fairy Wings: (classic, an excellent option for creating butterfly inspired fairy wings and an affordable option that can hold up to performance,they also look beautiful on a stage and from afar)

Organza Fairy Wings: Coming Soon! Another really excellent option for Tinkerbell wings! Sign up for our email list to catch this DIY Fairy Wing post

Iridescent Prism Fairy Wings: Excellent, Icy, crystal or gem themed fairies and anime characters. 

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